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Before you purchase a home, a quality inspection will inform you of the condition of the home. This will help you make an informed decision on your purchase.

During a residential inspection we look at many characteristics of the property. Our property inspection includes the interior and exterior of the home, any yards, garages or pools that are part of the property. We thoroughly check the walkways, air conditioning, roof and attic, plumbing and fixtures, HVAC units and system, the attic ventilation and insulation and the foundation. We also inspect the garage, gutters and downspouts, fences and gates, the fireplace and chimney as well as doors and windows

This is not a complete list of everything we check, so please contact us to see the full list of what we inspect.

We are extremely thorough in our examination of your property. After the inspection is complete we will go over our findings with you and answer any questions you may have. It’s important to be present during the review time so you can be sure you are clear on everything we discovered during the residential inspection.

Once we are done at the property, we take our findings and notes back to the office where we create a detailed report based on the field reports. We will add pictures of areas of importance.

You can be confident that you’re receiving a professional, reputable inspection with EWA Home Inspections.  For the last 25 years we’ve performed inspections and we have experts on our staff in both older and new properties. Contact us for a home inspection throughout Southern California.

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